Learn & Earn Program Info

In addition to offering free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, SP Women’s Center has a Learn & Earn Program for pregnant women and families with young children. Clients can “earn” points by attending parenting classes or watching parenting videos. They are then able to “spend” those points to get necessities for their baby or young child. Here is a schedule of our services and a link to a list of baby items available for points.

New: Watch videos from home!

We understand that parents are busy and can’t always make it into the center even though they still need baby items. To help with that we are offering videos that can be watched at a time and place that is more convenient. We still hope to see you all in the center so parents will be able to earn points by coming to class and earn additional points by watching videos at home in the same week.

Instructions for watching videos from home:

  1. Click on the button below or this link for the available video choices.
  2. Choose the videos you want to watch and click Submit. You may choose up to 5 points a week.  (Points are in the parenthesis).
  3. A staff member will send your videos to you as soon possible and you should receive them no later than the end of the following business day. Videos will be sent Monday through Friday during our normal business hours (9-4).
  4. If you have additional questions about videos please call 517-332-0633 between 9am-4pm Monday, Wednesday, or Friday for more information.
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