Pregnancy Tests

Do you think you might be pregnant? Are you having symptoms or just feel pregnant? Maybe you’ve even taken a test at home that was positive. How can you tell if you really are? Many of the symptoms of pregnancy are the same for starting a period.

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Did You Receive A Positive Pregnancy Test? Confirming your pregnancy is the next step in the decision-making process. Even with a positive pregnancy test, the most accurate way to confirm pregnancy is with an ultrasound. SP Women’s Center provides free and confidential ultrasounds so that you can get essential information about your pregnancy.

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Learn & Earn

In addition to offering free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, SP Women’s Center has a Learn & Earn Program for pregnant women and families with young children. Clients can “earn” points by attending parenting classes or watching parenting videos. They are then able to “spend” those points to get necessities for their baby or young child.

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