Think you may be pregnant and are wondering if parenting is the path for you to take? The thought of raising a child in a less than perfect environment can intimidate anyone. And when a pregnancy is unplanned, it can be even more stressful. Just remember that you are capable of more than you think. Being a parent is exciting and difficult at the same time. You probably have lots of questions!

We can talk with you about all of these concerns so you can decide if parenting is right for you. There are many resources we can help you with to answer these questions.

Single Parenting

The thought of raising your baby alone can feel overwhelming whether you are a teen, a twenty-something, or already a mom. Even if you are finished with your education and working, single parenting can still seem daunting. But it is also incredibly rewarding and worthwhile.

If life circumstances are making a decision to parent difficult, call us at SP Women’s Center and let us offer you our assistance and support. You are not alone. There are many people who care about you and your baby and are willing to stand with you to find the courage and the resources you need to parent your child.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Free walk-in pregnancy tests
  • Free limited diagnostic ultrasounds
  • Counseling for referrals and crisis situations
  • Parenting education
  • Referrals for financial aid and education
  • Referrals for Medicaid and prenatal care
  • Free maternity clothes
  • Referrals for visiting nurse programs and housing
  • Learn and Earn program to earn baby items (e.g. diapers, clothes, pack-n-plays, etc.)
  • Supplemental Formula and baby food

We can also connect you with other organizations when you decide to parent your baby. Our help is designed to get you started on the path to self-sufficiency. We have a large network of community resources that LOVE single moms and are waiting to embrace you and give you on-going mentoring and support.

Schedule your free and confidential appointment with us to talk more about this option today!

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